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★★★★★ A Gripping Read

This detective novel has elements of the real world mixed with an alternate reality and although it's not my usual genre I was gripped from the start.

I especially liked that the book was written from different perspectives to give the reader the whole story. It is fast paced and exciting and full of intriguing characters.

I'm looking forward to reading more about the inhabitants of Belleville...
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★★★★★ Brilliant!

Just finished Belleville and I wanted to say how absolutely amazing I thought it was. I cannot believe someone could come up with such a story. I particularly liked the way the story was told from different angles and that things clicked into place the more you read.

I found all the characters to be believable and I even had some slight empathy for the bad guy at the end!

I should also add that...
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★★★★★ Belleville: Life, Death, The Universe & Everything

Had me hooked from the start. in common with the magic realism tradition, reality is presented, but everything is subtly different. we are expected to believe in crazy unthinkable things, which are presented in such an offhand way that they really highlight the sense that things are rotten in the state of Belleville. Fans of the hard-boiled detective genre will enjoy the Hammettesque narrative. The... Read More

★★★★★ Belleville : Life

I loved every minute of reading this book. The characters came to life with such clarity. I'm still in the bar waiting for Vincent to trundle through and remembering not to drink that drink if l wanna think. A book that took me on a surreal ride, an adventure, a thriller and bit of a chiller. Will def be reading this again and look forward to more Bellville life..
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★★★★★ Out of this world!

This book is amazing, you will not find anything else like it! It's a thriller/Detective novel, with unworldy characters and scary moments. Take a leap of faith into Belleville.
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